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MarketingFile is the country's leading online supplier of direct marketing data. We work with the most respected names in the industry to provide you with a wide choice of data at the most competitive prices.
Whether you're a sole trader, marketing agency or nation-wide company, our aim is to provide you with a first-class source of information, and to be your 1st choice for prospect information.
Although we're specialists in the supply of direct marketing data, MarketingFile also offers a number of other direct marketing services including: Hot leads, e-mail broadcasting, data enhancement, and segmentation and profiling.
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MarketingFile has been supplying direct marketing data online since June 1998. In fact, when we launched our original website we were the first company in the UK to do this.
Starting with business data, we added consumer data in early 1999 and rebranded and relaunched ourselves in 2000 as MarketingFile. Since then, we've grown to become the largest online supplier of UK and international lists in Europe, and the site you're looking at today is our second major redevelopment.
Since we started 10 years ago, more than 20,000 businesses have chosen MarketingFile for our direct marketing services.
The numbers are impressive: 1.5 million counts run; 73 million records delivered; 37 million TPS credits sold; 5,000 account customers; 15,000 credit card customers.
So, by choosing MarketingFile you can be sure you're in good company.
We've remained true to our original principles for the last 10 years - no charges to run counts, no minimum orders, immediate counts and downloads of data - and aim to keep this website available 24 hours a day, all year round.
We also understand that an on-line business doesn't mean one with no people, so we're here to help during UK office hours.
If you have any questions about anything here at MarketingFile, or require any more information about our company, please | contact us » |
MarketingFile - the largest online source of targeted prospect data in Europe.
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