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MarketingFile is the biggest source of UK and international mailing lists on the internet. We have dozens of quality lists provided by the leading list-owners. Use them for targetted direct mail and telemarketing campaigns to find new customers for your business.
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If you have not bought direct marketing data online before, here is a quick summary of the many benefits:
  • No charge to use this service: you only pay for the records you download.
  • Huge range of lists: the widest range available online from local, specialist to national lists.
  • Clean data: all lists are cleaned every working day against the UK Telephone (TPS, CTPS) and Fax Preference Service (FPS) opt-out list.
  • Free counts: perform unlimited, instant counts of records.
  • No minimum order quantities: buy only the number of records that you really need.
  • Purchase online: use your credit card or apply for a credit account.
  • Download your list immediately: download a data file or print it direct out of the browser as properly formatted labels.
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MarketingFile offers both business and consumer data from some of the UK's most respected data owners. As we don't own any data ourselves, we're able to offer those lists which we think represent the best quality and value for money. See our | List of lists » |
Select from a broad range of lists including a number of UK business "universes" (over 4m locations covering more than 95% of GDP) and detailed lists covering the top 150,000 UK companies, major international companies and key industry sectors.
MarketingFile was the first website in the UK to offer search and download of consumer data. Our databases contain details on virtually all 24m households and cover all ages, interests and income brackets. As well as these "universes", we have a large number of more specialist lists, enabling you to target car and motorbike owners, shareholders & investors, mail-order buyers etc.
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