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Clean your lists online
Keeping your data clean is essential if you are not to contravene the legislation governing direct marketing. MarketingFile provides the following services to help you.
Telephone & Fax Preference Services
The Telephone and Fax Preference Services (TPS / FPS) mean you can not make an unsolicited 'phone call to just anyone you wish in the UK, nor can you send promotional faxes out to everyone with a fax number.
People and companies not wishing to receive unsolicited calls or faxes can register with TPS and FPS. If you subsequently call them, you risk a fine of up to £5000. Be safe - use NumberCheck to ensure that the number is not registered on the TPS or FPS opt-out lists before you use it - your first 50 checks are free and 1p thereafter.
To access our UK Phone and Fax Preference checking service:
Free Excel plug-in
Download our unique Excel plug-in to clean your own databases and contact manager files. This web-enabled plug-in will check your numbers against the latest TPS & FPS files held on our servers - you need to be registered with MarketingFile to use this.
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  • | Download » | the plug-in for Excel 2003/2007
  • Once installed, a couple of new icons will appear on your Excel toolbar.
  • To check all numbers in a row or column against the TPS/FPS click on a cell and click the or icon. A dialog will appear with further instructions.
  • When asked to login use the same username and password as you do for the website.
  • You can purchase TPS/FPS checking credits through the plug-in either by credit card or against a MarketingFile credit account.
To request a credit account, simply email us at
Mailing Preference Service
Consumers not wishing to receive unsolicited direct mail can register with the Mailing Preference Services (MPS).
Mailing Preference Service
Sending unsolicited direct mail to consumers registered on the MPS could breach the "British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing" administered by Advertising Standards Authority. Be safe - use Ok2Mail to ensure that the address is not registered on the MPS opt-out list before you send mail - your first 50 checks are free and 1p thereafter.
To access our UK Mailing Preference checking service:
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