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 The MarketingFile Mail Delivery Guarantee :
100% DELIVERY GUARANTEED, or we'll refund your postage
MarketingFile have teamed up with some of the country's leading list owners, to offer a unique guarantee:
For business lists,
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For consumer lists,
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Buy your direct mail data from any UK business list provided by Experian, D&B UK, Intelligent Data Services, Market Monitor, Oscar Research, Data HQ or RGA UK or from any UK consumer list provided by Consumersketch, The Trading Floor or Callcredit.
Not only will we refund the data cost of every undeliverable direct mail item, but we'll give you an extra 50p each and every time. That's the new cost of a second class stamp!
To find out more, email us or call us now on 0845 345 7755.
It's a great offer, so please read the following terms and conditions carefully. If you need clarification on any point, please call us on 0845 345 7755
  • This offer applies to purchases made from any UK list provided by Experian Business Marketing or D&B UK or Intelligent Data Services or Data HQ or Market Monitor or Oscar Research or RGA UK or Consumersketch or The Trading Floor or Callcredit and available for purchase directly through this website ("Qualifying List") after 30 April 2012, and mailed within 30 days of purchase. Unless varied by these additional terms of this offer or otherwise expressly agreed, MarketingFile standard Terms and Conditions of Sale ("the Terms") will apply to all purchases.
  • A "Goneaway" is defined in section 5.7 of the Terms and as per section 5.11 of the Terms we will ask for these to be returned to MarketingFile for verification within 90 days of purchase.
  • For any Goneaway of an item mailed by you to a Qualifying List, MarketingFile will refund the data cost of the Goneaway. In addition, MarketingFile will pay you a further 50p per Goneaway for records purchased at the price of the smallest volume priceband shown on this website ("the Base Price"). For records purchased at prices other than the Base Price (e.g. where greater volume pricing has been applied, or where a discount or commission has been given), MarketingFile will give you a pro-rata amount per item (e.g. if the price paid represents a 20% discount to the Base Price, the additional amount will be 50p less 20% = 40p).
  • For records purchased for multiple use, this additional amount per Goneaway will only be paid for the first Goneaway for each address mailed.
  • If your purchases are made against a credit account, any refund and payment under this offer will be credited to your account. If your purchases are made against a credit or debit card, any refund and payment under this offer will be credited to the card used for the original purchase.
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