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 Hot Leads: The new lead generation service from MarketingFile
What is lead generation?   What we can do for you   How do I find out more?
Partner Opportunities
This is a new lead generation service from MarketingFile - the leaders in online direct marketing data for over 10 years. Our strong relationships with the leading names in the industry mean we take all the work out of generating new customers for your business.
Through our network of partners, we make direct contact with potential customers for you, identify their needs, then bring the perfect customers to you. Whether you’re looking to target businesses or consumers, we can find the right people for you, at the right time. We are able to deliver these potential customers to you in a way that suits you.
We can deliver new customers in the following ways:
  • Real Time:
    In many cases we can provide you with customers immediately.
  • HotKeyed directly to your callcentre:
    Contact will be made with a potential customer the moment they show an interest in your services.
  • Daily / Weekly:
    We can package them up in to bite sized files which can be delivered to you on a daily or weekly basis.
The following are examples of just some of the customers we have brought to our clients:
  • Business Mobile Contracts with Renewal dates and Decision Makers
  • IT Support Contracts with Renewal dates and Decision Makers
  • Companies with an interest in providing a corporate PMI service to their staff
  • People wanting to claim back their PPI
  • People with an interest in a new personal PMI policy
  • Re-qualified New Car Test Drive Applications
  • Personal Injury HotKey transfers
Call us on 0845 345 7755 and find out how we can help you. Alternatively, e-mail your enquiry to us.
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