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MarketingFile is the UK's first fully automated mailing-list management web-site. By removing costly manual processes from the selection, counting, sales and delivery activities we are making the purchase of very small, highly targeted mailing lists a possibility.
We are enabling SME and SOHO businesses to obtain the size of list they require for the first time and helping to introduce those companies to the benefits of direct mail and telemarketing. There are 1.7m such businesses on one of our databases - that's a lot of new list business.
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MarketingFile is a valuable resource for all companies undertaking direct marketing. You are welcome to link to the MarketingFile home page with a simple hyperlink through to us from your own website.
Are you a provider of Direct Marketing services?
If your business is primarily concerned with the provision of direct marketing services, you may be able to earn commission from MarketingFile by referring your customers or users to us. You will need to demonstrate:
  • That your business or website is primarily concerned with the provision of direct marketing services
  • The size of your customer or user base
If you are also a trade association, professional body or other business membership organisation you may also be able to share this commission with your members.
Please e-mail us today or contact us on 01462 437733. We look forward to hearing from you.
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